How To Choose The Best Thermal Insulation Boards

The rising cost of living is a hot topic at the moment as people endeavour to find ways to become more energy efficient and cut down their bills. One way to save a great deal of money is to ensure that the heat you’re paying to generate actually stays in the building and doesn’t escape due to poor insulation. Improving insulation can be done by various means, and the key one is to install insulation boards. Within this one area, there are further options as there are various different materials of insulation boards valuable. While they share similarities, there are differences in relation to their purpose and their effectiveness. It can be a challenge to determine which option is best for each situation, so it’s vital to research the topic and gain a thorough understanding of what your options are. There are two big contenders in the game for the best insulation board, based on the ones that promise the highest thermal performance. These have been out to the test by builders and homeowners alike and have proven themselves to be very effective in the process of improving energy efficiency.

Rigid Phenolic Insulation Boards

Rigid phenolic insulation boards are praised as being the best thermal insulations boards available, the top of the range, the best that money can buy. That’s quite a bold claim to make, but it’s not completely unfounded as the evidence proves that it’s thermal performance is unrivalled by any other competitor. The thermal resistance of this kind of insulation board is just 0.018 W/mk which is significantly better than other similar options available. This fantastic fact makes it perfect for use when energy efficiency is vitally important. Further to this amazing efficiency is the fact that this kind of insulation is resistant to various elements, including fire, mould and water. This means that this versatile insulation is idea for a wide range of applications from floor insulation to exterior wall insulation.

All in all, rigid phenolic insulation boards are efficient, effective and massively flexible.

PIR Insulation

The other top contender in the field of insulation boards is a PIR board. PIR, also known as polyisocyanurate, is one of the most popular materials used for insulation in the construction industry. While there is no one size fits all solution, PIR boards tick a lot of the boxes. They combine the benefits of being highly affordable, easily accessible and most importantly efficient. If you’re looking for something that hits all of the previously mentioned nails on the head, PIR boards are the way to go. PIR foam insulation boards have a verified thermal conductivity of just 0.022 W/mK. This means it’s one of the most effective insulation materials you can buy, therefore getting the best results in regards efficiency. Glass wool insulation and other insulation alternatives are no match for PIR rigid foam boards, made from thick panels sandwiched in the middle of two layers of facing. Certain manufacturers have become so prolific in the production of PIR foam boards that buyers after this type of insulation refer to it by the name of the brand, for example celotax insulation boards. Any part of the home can be made more efficient through the use of PIR foam boards as part of roof insulation or within cavity walls.

Evidently, PIR insulation ticks all the boxes and is massively influential in the field of home insulation.

The Bottom Line

Based simply on the thermal resistance facts and figures, phenolic insulation wins over PIR insulation, while both have benefits and various applications. With a little research and analysis you will be able to make the most energy efficiency choice.

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