How Power Flushing Can Increase Efficiency And Reduce Your Fuel Bills

With energy and fuel prices skyrocketing, looking after our heating systems and ensuring they perform effectively has never been so important. Due to post-Covid price surges and the limited supply of gas, it is estimated the annual energy bill for UK households will increase by a sharp £500 (BBC, 2022). With bills rising and a cold winter fast approaching, there could be a way to increase fuel efficiency that you may not have heard of yet.

What Is Power Flushing?

Over time and with general use, our central heating system efficiency reduces, with radiators failing to heat up quickly or being lukewarm at best. The water which consistently passes through the central heating system can begin to corrode, forming a thick sludge-like residue blocking the flow of water. This build-up is usually prevented by the use of an inhibitor, a chemical put into radiators which prevents corrosion, but as water naturally leaves the system, over time the inhibitor is so diluted that corrosion begins. A power flush could easily fix this, essentially giving your radiators a deep clean from the inside and removing blockages. Using a high-powered machine and chemical cleaners, the liquid flushes out debris, sludge and build-up from within your central heating system, restoring your heating system’s efficiency. A power flush can be performed on your boiler, pipes and radiators ensuring the entire central heating system gets a good clean.

Why Power Flushing?

There are multiple reasons to consider power flushing this Winter. Whilst it’s very important our homes can heat up as effectively as possible, there are a few other benefits to power flushing your heating system.

  • Save money: Power flushing can increase the lifespan of your central heating system, saving you a lot of money down the line. As power flushing ensures your system is super clean, meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard, energy bills can be reduced by up to 30%.
  • Increase performance: Pesky cold spots on radiators or water which is slow to heat can easily be fixed by a power flush. If you have noticed the sound of banging pipes or a noisy boiler, a power flush can also take care of these unsettling noises.
  • Reduce emissions: A heating system which works inefficiently is not only more expensive to your pockets, but is also costly towards the environment. High levels of sludge and limescale in a heating system will cost more to run and emit higher levels of C02.

Check If You Need A Power Flush

You can quickly check the radiators in your home to understand if you need a power flush or not. If you turn your heating on and notice a difference in heat between the top and bottom of your radiators, this indicates you could benefit from a power flush. A professional will also be able to assess whether you need a power flush or not by assessing your boiler/ pipe health. A professional power flush by the experienced experts at Aspect will not only ensure that your system is running cleaner, smoother and more efficiently, but additionally bring down your fuel bills in the process. Furthermore, a power flush can take as little as 4 hours, quickly ensuring your heating system is back to normal and working efficiently in no time. At the end of every cleaning, water is topped up with an inhibitor, ensuring future corrosion is prevented also.

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